Witchcraft and Occult Philosophy in Flying Witch

So witchy!

Flying Witch Makoto so witchy

While performance of witchcraft in Flying Witch is sparse, it would have been enough for executions in the 15th-early 16th century. The defining blueprint for witch-hunts at the time, the Malleus Maleficarum (Hammer of Witches, 1486) traces all supernatural as commerce with demons. The anomalous symptoms of demonic possession is illustrated in three levels: 1. psycho-physiological possession (e.g. infertility, erotomania, epilepsy, melancholia); 2. epidemiological possession (e.g. plague, leprosy, mass hysteria, mob behavior); and 3. climatological possession (e.g. changes in weather, affected livestock or crops, sudden famine or flood).1 Akane, the most prominent witch in the anime, has at various points displayed her powers in these areas.
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